Coming Up Daisies Layouts

Hello, I hope you all are having a great day, and I hope you are enjoying this new blog train kit.  It's amazing isn't it!   I knew it was going to be amazing but that is putting it mildly.  I absolutely love it.  I thought I'd share a couple layouts I created for a few challenges over at the Scrap Twist Free 4 All forum.  Which if you haven't checked it out, you might want to  head over and see what we are all about.  There are really fun challenges, games, and lots of chatter.  If your anything like me you like to make friends and chatter away.  I will provide the link below my facebook link.   Also, if you have created anything with this new kit please head on over to my facebook  and post it.  I sure would love to see them!! Here are the links and then my layouts.


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