Hello my friends, I hope your having a wonderful day.  This is Day 7 of the Craft A Day Challenge of August.  This layout is my second cousin Dylan, who now is in college.  He is continuing with his sports.  I know almost nothing about sports, in this layout he is playing basketball and thats what I know about that. LOL!!   Thank you Dylan Davis and to his parents Matt and Billie Jo Davis for the use of these pics.  I found this sports kit on Digi Tee Designs by Sheila Reid.  Amazing, seriously go check her blog out.  She has so many amazing freebies. Thank you Sheila for this freebie kit, it is exactly what I needed!!
Kit: Sports
By: Digi Tee Designs     https://digiteedesigns.blogspot.com/
Designer: Sheila Reid
Layout:  tp designs       https://www.facebook.com/tpdesigns1973/


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